Creating Open Data APIs

Open Data APIs for Community Groups

We want to give you the technology tools you need to host a productive event. So, we've created a free instance of the full Socrata open data platform for you to use at, and we'll support your event with some of the below services.

Data Hosting

You can import your datasets into our platform so that they can be searched, filtered, commented on and shared on social networks. We also support importing and mapping geospatial data via Esri Shapefile and KML/KMZ.

API Hosting

Once your data is imported, you can use our Socrata API Foundry tools to create customized, managed APIs for your datasets. We'll automatically generate accompanying documentation and our management tools will help you track usage of your APIs.

Catalog Page

Your group's datasets will be hosted in a group-specific subcatalog on You'll have all the same functionality as is present in a full-fledged Socrata data catalog, but personalized for your group.

Hackathon in a Box

Our "Hackathon in a Box" website is full of information about hosting a hackathon. It includes the "How to Run a Hackathon" guide, details about our APIs, and ways to contact us for further assistance.

Event Support

Our support team will be available on the day of the event virtually via IRC and G+ Hangouts. Also, during the run-up to the event, email support will be available to help get you set up. If you would like in-person support from Socrata at your event, contact us and we'd be glad to discuss options.

Contact with Local Government

If your city, county, or state is already a Socrata customer, we are happy to work together with them and you to make your event as big and data-rich as possible.


We're glad to promote your event via Twitter and other channels where we already announce events. If you'd like to promote your event further, we're happy to interview you for our blog and spread the word about your event that way. For help with promotion, contact us below

No Expiration

You can host your data with us as long as you want. We won't ever expire your site or ask you for money.

Getting Started

If your group is interested in getting set up and you want to learn more, sign up here. Once we have your information we'll send you an invitation to your account and instructions on how to get started.